The Best Things in Life

“The best things in life just happen,” one of the best lessons I have learned in life on the night of our second opening.


The best things in life...

I thought with having one soft opening down, things should go smoother on the second one, but you can’t always foresee what happens, and honestly, I wouldn't change a single thing about that night because it made our team a family. Though I worked a little with a couple of the people, the crew on our second soft opening was new to me, yet it felt as though I have worked with them for years; the way each of us worked with the other was a reminder that God puts the right people on your path when you wait, and we definitely waited for the right ones.

Being an introvert, I have often been puzzled of how quickly extroverts, I have a few in my family, make connections with strangers, and on that night on October 11th, I understood the just let the moment happen. I was working with one of the young man in the kitchen, reminding him the process of making a pizza, and in that moment, in the middle of a little rush, an ordinary moment I would have taken for granted turned into a lifetime memory I won’t forget.


Learning and working together!

I often don’t stop to remind myself that what comes easy to me might not come easy to those around me, and when we finished making the pizza, the young man got the biggest grin on his face because he made it himself - I was there to merely help if he needed me to, and not to make it for him. We all feel proud when we make something on our own, and no matter how uneven, or scattered it may look, we all love showing off a product we made ourselves. This young man, who is so kind-hearted, polite, and eager to learn anything, was smiling the whole time while making his pizza. There is something inspiring about standing next to a person who is so eager to learn that he persists to learn how to make a basic pizza the right way...a young man who is willing to try something that he didn’t know he was capable of doing. He was doing something he was afraid of taking up, yet he still walked into that kitchen with a smile and an attitude of I don’t want to stop myself because it’s new. Even if it took a little longer, he made it himself, and that extra seven minutes was worth the connection and moment we shared because we both let it just happen. Standing at that prep table, in reality, I didn't teach him anything, he was the one that taught me to let the moment take time, don’t take time away from the moment.