Random Act of Kindness

Ever since I started working at Buckaroos, I cannot help but be constantly reminded of just how good and kind people are.

Seeing our employees work arduously on overcoming their discomforts and their fears in front of customers and along with their fellow co-workers and then slowly start building the confidence is beyond words.

That confidence comes from our customers willing to patiently wait for each of us to practice our skills and correct the mistakes right in front of them, whether it is mishearing an order or giving the wrong change back. The sweetness comes in many different forms each and every day, but one that stands out especially is the random act of kindness.

Last month, on a cold January day, three middle school boys stopped by Buckaroos to get warmed up, and as they entered the doors of Buckaroos they were greeted with a friendly smile. Once the boys sat down, their eyes started to shift to the ice cream cabinets, so they were offered samples to satisfy their tummies.. After they tried the desired flavors, the boys craved ice cream, but unfortunately, didn’t have money with them to buy one. A young man sitting in the corner heard that the boys couldn’t purchase the ice cream and eagerly jumped up to treat them. The looks and the disbelief on boys’ faces was something to be never forgotten.

A simple smile, a simple treat, or a simple act of kindness or generosity can brighten people’s lives up in ways the giver may never know.