Together We Can!

Do you ever have an experience in your life where you consciously have to have an internal debate whether it's all a reality, an idea, or just a pure dream…. Buckaroos Slices and Scoops has been like that for me.

I remember sitting around the kitchen table, debating what type of business should go into the side of the liquor store, what this new business should be named, what is the point and what is the goal behind it all. As those questions were answered, as ideas morphed into actions and we removed our very first brick, things began to become surreal.


First bricks taken down!

We are actually doing this, we are opening a business and it will be named Buckaroos Slices and Scoops. A business that not just makes financial transactions between the customer and the employee, but a business that focuses on the abilities and the potential of those who have challenges/disabilities which can impede being successful in our culture and having a "normal" life.

Throughout our process as we were working on Buckaroos, I have learned that persistence and the belief in your decisions no matter how ludicrous they may be is the fuel behind making your vision transforming into a reality. If you don’t believe in it, nobody else will. But perhaps what is even more important to learn is that no matter how rough the journey may be, you always have people to lean on and someone always has your back.

There were times when I was struggling so much in my ability to handle this business of ours, that a part of me began to be afraid. Afraid of the unknown, afraid that we will fail, afraid that we will never actually have a chance at making something out of ourselves, but then it all just clicked for me. I AM NOT ALONE in this. I have my family, I have my friends, I have my community to lean on. What I can't handle, someone else can and what others can’t do, I can. Knowing that you aren’t alone gives you this unbelievable amount motivation to proceed confidently into the unknown despite the roadblocks along the way.


Tearing down walls to build new ones.

IMG_4529 (1).jpeg

Family working together!

And here I am seating 8 days before we officially opened completely in awe that WE did it. In awe of the amount of work it took, the amount of tears that were shed, and the amount of belief each one of us had in each other.


Our first pizza!


Almost there!